Wednesday September 14, 2022 (yes, 2nd Wed instead of 3rd)
7pm, Rickshaw Stop
$10 online (+fees) / $12 door
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On this special 2nd Wednesday edition of Nerd Nite SF, we will learn about sand and sustenance. Is sand sustenance? Well no, but it is important to life on earth!

We’ve recently added local artist and biographer Richard Bolingbroke to our lineup for this Wednesday! He will be sharing his research on Jok Church, the Bay Area cartoonist extraordinaire who brought us You Can With Beakman & Jax, which later inspired the popular kid’s science show Beakman’s World. Fun fact, our Nerd Nite program titles share the same format as Beakman’s World episode titles! See, e.g. “Cats, Beakmania & Dynamite” or “Sweat, Beakmania & Weighing a Car” which aired on September 14, 1996. Catch us this Wednesday September 14 in our year 2022 for more on the life and times of Jok Church and his popular science legacy! Email us your favorite Beakman’s World episodes, memories, or comics and win tickets for this Wednesday!

Thanks, Sand! The miraculous story of how the sediment cycle enables life on earth
with Jeremy Snyder

Sand is something that most people think of as a homogenous, inert substance that does little more than line our beaches. But the story of how sand goes from bedrock to beach is really the story of why earth’s landscapes look the way they do, and how all living things get the minerals and nutrients that make life possible. In this talk, Jeremy will take you on a photographic journey along the length of the Amazon and Colorado Rivers to illustrate the wonders of sand and why disruptions to this system (such as hydropower dams) pose a threat to us all.

Jeremy (he/him) is a photographer and science communicator with a lifelong passion for river science. After studying biology and geology in college, he embarked on a Thomas J Watson Fellowship around the world to understand and communicate the science of river systems. He currently works at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he helps teach science to students in K-12. You can see more of his work on his website,

In an age of chronic dis-ease, are food banks a nexus for healing?
with Kevin Liu 

Have you volunteered at a food bank and asked yourself if the edible plants, animals, and their derivatives being distributed actually promote physical health? What about mental health? If so, you may be familiar with the concept of food as medicine – we know food is the sustenance that keeps us alive and energized, but it also supports the conditions for health and discourages the conditions for disease. Kevin Liu, a community nutritionist, will share the different paths for food from food banks to folks’ plates, and in doing so, help us realize how food can be an agent for individual and collective wellbeing.

Kevin (he/him) is a community nutritionist and counselor at Project Open Hand, a Tenderloin-based non-profit and community partner of the SF-Marin Food Bank. He is passionate about food and nutrition initiatives in underserved communities. In his free time, he can be found going on bike rides and/or communing with rad friends at concert venues.

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