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David Faulkner's Photo
David Faulkner
David Faulkner is a nerd of endless interests with too many degrees, and even more hobbies, who works for the California EPA cleaning up old military bases. When he’s not wrangling nerds or wearing silly costumes onstage, David may be found running all around the East Bay, hiking the hills of San Francisco, or playing computer games on an ancient homebuilt PC.
Chelsea Connor photo
Chelsea Connor
Chelsea Connor is a multi-hyphenate wildlife biologist and nerd from the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean. She is currently researching Caribbean phylogeography (for grad school) and taking courses to be able to look at a bird for three seconds and tell you what it is (for fun). When she isn’t hosting Nerd Nite Chelsea is drawing, reading about anoles, monsters and fashion history or convincing her roommates to try her experimental cocktails.