Nerd Nite SF #97: SF Budgeting, Medical Glues, & Choanoflagellates

Choanoflagellate colony courtesy Kayley Hake

Wednesday, 6/20/2018
Doors at 7 pm, show at 8
Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell Street @Van Ness
$8, all ages
Tickets here

The third Weds of the month fast approaches, and that means it’s time for another Nerd Nite! Get your budget crunched and your blood stanched at this month’s gathering of wanna-know-it-alls. The Money Lady of City Hall shows us the money, Dr. Anti-exsanguinator keeps us glued to the spot, and two big minds talk about a tiny world. Don’t miss three talks, two turntables, a microphone, and countless drinks–be there and be square!


“The Money Lady and the $10 Billion Conversation” by Assessor Carmen Chu

The city of San Francisco’s budget is $10 billion and growing. Have you ever wondered where all of that money comes from and how spending decisions are made? Join Assessor Carmen Chu as she demystifies the city budget. Also know as the Money Lady of City Hall, Assessor Chu and her team help generate $2.7 billion in revenue, which funds critical city services such as education, health, public safety, neighborhood improvements, and more. Prior to taking office in 2013, Carmen served as District 4 supervisor for the Sunset/Parkside neighborhoods, chairing the Board of Supervisor’s budget and finance committee.


“My Doctor Glued Me Back Together…and Other Cautionary Tales from the ER” by Brian Wai Lin

Ever had a bad encounter with a box cutter and a late-night trip to the ER? Expecting stitches and surprised when your doctor whipped out a tube of Super Glue? You probably wondered why you made a $300 hospital trip rather than a $6 hardware store purchase. Believe it or not, you made the right decision–and it’s based in biochemistry, not just in keeping your friendly neighborhood ER doc employed. Dr. Lin will deep-dive in to the history and science behind medical cyanoacrylate glues and describe his novel technique, now used worldwide, to stop you from exsanguinating through your fingertip when kitchen knives attack.

Brian is a practicing physician at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco, a UCSF assistant clinical professor, and certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Check out his educational website Closing the Gap.


“Love and Death in the Planktonic World” by David Booth & Thibaut Brunet

David and Thibaut are post-docs at the King Lab at UC Berkeley trying to understand the origin and evolution of animals by studying their closest living relatives, the choanoflagellates.


With: Alpha Bravo, who’ll be spinning tunes specially selected to match the presenters’ themes. Follow the set list on Twitter @djalphabravo.

Food: Grilled Cheese Guy returns but with a twist — a mac and cheese pop-up!