We had a great time at the last Nerd Nite and want to thank our speakers, Brian Seitel, Sarah Cho, and Cameron Woodman for the excellent talks. For your continued edification, they provided some links related to their talks, and our friends at the San Francisco Public Library also gave us some recommended reading!

From “Hearing Loss (or: The Science of ‘What?’)” by Brian Seitel:

AuditoryNeuroscience.com a website that provides sound examples and other materials related to how we make sense of sound, and why coclear implants makes everyone sound like a Dalek.

A NYTimes article on the new iPhone-enabled hearing aides like the LiNX and Halo.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

One of our audience members asked about deaf culture during Q&A. This is a big topic, worthy of a Nerd Nite talk of its own, but the Wikipedia article is actually a good start.

“I can hear you whisper: an intimate journey through the science of sound and language” by Lydia Denworth

“Sound sense: living and learning with hearing loss” by Sara Laufer Batinovich

“Listening closely : a journey to bilateral hearing” by Arlene Romoff

“What did you say?: an unexpected journey into the world of hearing loss” by Monique Hammond (Available as an eBook!)

From “Surveys: Yeah, They’re Kind of a Big Deal” by Sarah Cho:

Kaiser (no, not that Kaiser) Family Foundation for information on health policy and the ACA: kff.org

AAPOR (American Association of Public Opinion Research) for resources on survey best practices: aapor.org

Pew Research Center for high-quality surveys on many topics from religion to internet use: pewresearch.org

SurveyMonkey to get your hands dirty and conduct your own survey: surveymonkey.com

NCPP (National Council on Public Polls) for info on polling: ncpp.org

Or contact:
T: @sarahycho
F: facebook.com/sarahycho

“A more beautiful question : the power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas” by Warren Berger (Available as an eBook!)

“Analyzing the analyzers: an introspective survey of data scientists and their work” by Harlan Harris (Available as an eBook!)

Take the San Francisco Public Library Customer Satisfaction Survey: http://sfpl.countingopinions.com/

From “How to Rescue a Spacecraft in 90 Days (or Less)” by Cameron Woodman

The www.spacecraftforall.com website is an outstanding multimedia website that provides tons more of the story of ISEE-3 and the team, the science experiments, current location, and what’s next. Highly recommended!

Also, scholarly & peer-reviewed, full-text online articles about the ISEE-3 spacecraft are available via SFPL’s databases!