Wednesday, 11/16
Doors at 7:30pm, show at 8pm
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St. @ Van Ness
San Francisco, CA
Cover: $8

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Come to the Rickshaw Stop for more nerdy lectures and beers! This month, we have lots for you to learn and laugh about. We’re featuring speakers on: electric vehicles! And one solution to the chicken/egg dilemma of EV infrastructure. Skeeball! The history, the sport, the beer-drinking. Concentrated solar power! No, not frying poor little ants with a magnifying glass, this is a potentially powerful renewable energy solution. And we have a guest MC – the entertaining Jennifer Tharp. So join us for some learning with beer, nerd-mingling, and DJ Alpha Bravo’s tunes. Be there and be square for only $8!


“Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: The Cure for Range Anxiety” by Obrie Hostetter

Do you ever have anxiety about not quite getting “there”? Stressed over the embarrassment of falling short? Worried about the size of your battery? Premature capacity discharge? If so, talk to your Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Director about range anxiety. There is help in the form of EV charging stations. Side effects may include a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, economic stimulus, energy security, and an increase in smugness.

Obrie Hostetter has an MBA in Sustainability Management and is the Northern California EV Infrastructure Director for 350Green, LLC ( That means juggling the demands of municipalities, businesses, and consumers to make EVs viable. She also spent two years sailing around the world because why the hell not, that’s why.


“Skeeball 101 – Roll Like a Champion” by Joey the Cat & Kristian Hansen

We’ve all seen the movie montages where the hero trains under a grueling regimen, suffers setbacks, but eventually triumphs to becomes a champion, like in Rocky or the Karate Kid. For Joey the Cat, it was 10,000 hours of practice, persistence, and Pabst Blue Ribbon to become Brewskie-Ball National Champion. In this talk, you’ll learn how skeeball was originally a “strongman’s” game, about its rise as a modern competitive bar sport, to how to become a champion, and more! All from one of the legends of the game.

Joey the Cat ( is a competitive Skeeball player in the San Francisco Brewskee-Ball league and an avid collector of classic Skeeball machines. He’s been interviewed by NPR, The New York Times, the Bold Italic, and more.

Kristian (, aka Black Devil, is an urban explorer, technologist, and designer based in San Francisco and is currently working on a dissertation surrounding the Global History of Skeeball. He has been featured on Gawker and The Business Insider.


“Concentrated Solar Power: Renewable Energy for the 21st Century or a Complicated Way to Boil Water?” by Joe Cordaro

Joe Cordaro needs a PhD in chemistry, 3 years of post-doc, and Sandia National Labs to boil water. OK, it’s not just boiling water – it’s a fancy way of boiling water and it could be the energy source of the future. In this talk, Joe will explain how engineers and scientists are inventing new ways to concentrate solar power to boil water like it’s never been boiled before, and possibly changing the renewable energy landscape.

Joe Cordaro is one of the few people who can spell “Albuquerque” correctly without spellcheck, since he was born there. He’s a synthetic chemist who spends half his working time at Sandia National Labs researching new materials for concentrated solar energy, the other half he’d have to kill you if he told you about it. Outside of chemistry, Joe enjoys reading about economics and politics so he can get upset over the current funding levels science receives in our country.


Plus: DJ Alpha Bravo selects vinyl cuts to illuminate our presenters’ themes. Alpha Bravo is VP of left-field pop label, Radio Khartoum, and was one of the forces behind legendary SF pop-club nights, Anisette and Schokolade. You can follow his live-tweeted set list at @djalphabravo